Why Females in Motorsport

We – Helena Hicks and Georgia Allen – thought that it would be nice to share some thoughts on what inspired us to create this site, and why we are so passionate about motorsport.

Last year I got to walk the track in Monaco!

I grew up in a family that watched it; Sundays meant that F1 was on in the house and my dad would spend some rare time sitting down to watch it. I quickly fell in love with it and that’s why I am here today.

But, like with many things in this word, there is a question of equality. While there are more females in the paddocks and behind the scenes than ever before, there is still this divide.

As a fan, this is my favourite moment: getting to meet Daniel Ricciardo back in 2015. Things have changed a bit!

We want to share with you the talents and the fans of our beloved motorsport. We would love to inspire you, help you and show you that anything is possible!

I witnessed Dare To Be Different be launched at the 2016 Autosport International show. From then on, I have been a member and have heard and met many admirable people. In fact without Susie Wolff and D2BD, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

One of my idols: Susie Wolff

In motorsport I have many idols: Sophie Ogg (Head of Communications at Williams), Lee McKenzie and Jennie Gow to name just a few.

As an aspiring PR/Events person myself, I want to create something unique with this site. Hopefully, we can.


Now over to Georgia…

Firstly, I should explain who I am. My name is Georgia and, along with Helena, I am one of the creators of this site. I am an aspiring Formula One journalist and broadcaster hoping to one day make it to Formula One.

As a ‘Dare to be Different’ community member, I am passionate about encouraging women in motorsport and showing that we are just as capable as anyone else. Another thing that is important to me, is raising the profile of the sport to younger people and expanding the fan base to people like myself.

As a young woman, I feel I bring a different perspective to those currently working in the industry and want to represent the new ideas and opinions of the younger generation.

I’m really looking forward to getting started and hopefully interviewing as many interesting women as possible. However, for me this is not just about females, I also hope to speak to young people involved in motorsport.

We are seeing drivers enter F1 at younger ages and so I hope to meet some of the young racers hoping to be the next big thing. I particularly love interviewing as I enjoy coming away having found out something I didn’t know before. But this doesn’t mean it’s all about racing, as Females in Motorsport aims to also give an insight into the lives and personalities of the real people who work in one of the world’s most popular sports.

I admire many people when it comes to motorsport, mainly because they do the jobs that I would love to do in the future. Lee Mckenzie and Jennie Gow are two strong women who have had lasting careers in F1 TV coverage, which I also hope to have. There are also those who have been pioneers such as Monisha Kaltenborn and Susie Wolff.

When it comes to F1, I’m a big supporter of British drivers as well as those with great personalities. Unsurprisingl,y from what I’ve already said, I love seeing the younger drivers succeed as well as our older, more experienced favourites!

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